Please join me as we pray for the world.  In each section of the prayer, I would invite you to offer up your petitions, ending with the words, “God, in your grace…” so that we can all reply, “…hear our prayer.”  Let us pray.

Blessed One,
steadfast mountain of grace,
clear, running brook of life,
sunrise bird of truth,
tender embrace of holy love,

with our minds clearing,
our hearts opening to you, we offer our prayers
and so join in your constant care for the world.

Blessed One, We pray that your Spirit will rise among all those close to us who are wounded or under strain. Hear us as we offer aloud their names:


Holy One, let your Spirit rest on those who have particular need for your guidance, in our city and our world:


Would that all of your people were prophets, O God.  Hear us as we pray for courageous churches:


We pray for your Spirit upon all of us who are poor, all of us who are dying, all of us who are on battlefields and in prisons, all of us who are trampled by injustice:


O Gracious One,
these few prayers spoken aloud,
and all the many thousands of our hearts, we offer,
leaning ever more deeply into the flow of your way in the world.
All blessing and honor, glory and thanksgiving be unto you.

Amen, and let all the people say, “Amen.”



[This prayer draws upon the song “Leaning In” for some of its imagery and theology.  It’s emphasis upon the Holy Spirit is meant to fit with the season of Pentecost.]

[Photo: Kyla (happyradish) on Flickr.  Creative Commons license.]



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